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Danielle Pearce


Danielle has been a flight attendant with CommutAir since 2017. She started out being very active with the union, as she comes from a strong union home. Danielle sees union leadership as an integral role in her life and has held many roles within the union such as trustee, vice president, and currently local lodge president. Danielle was a grievance rep for many years now holding the position grievance chair. Danielle very much looks forward to upholding the values of the IAM as well as upholding standards for her work group. Danielle’s tenure with the union has led her to find a passion within union leadership and aviation. Danielle has a degree in psychology with a history of customer service and hospitality. Danielle has lived in many places throughout the United States and in Europe, broadening her horizons and frame of mind. However, she always considers Chicago to be home; where her family including 11 amazing nieces and nephews reside. Travel is in her blood, but her loving family always tethers her to sweet home Chicago. Danielle’s hobbies include; cooking, baking, and cocktails; caring for her plants and spending time in the garden; family game night, exploring new cities and singing along to life. She’s always a happy and optimistic person with a strong head and professional mind on her shoulders — someone who is always trying to help her fellow human, and bring unity to the world. 

Recording Secretary
Kayla Felix


Kayla started her journey as a flight attendant at CommuteAir in 2019. She has worked in a few departments with the company but has became very active with the union. She is currently based in IAH. She previously lived in NJ for 5 years but resides in Houston, TX where we was born and raised. Prior to  working in aviation, Kayla worked in Event Management as well as other Hospitality Management roles. She has been a licensed Cosmetologist since 2012 and has always loved the beaeuty industry. She loves spending time with her family and her dog. 






Yessenia has been working as a Flight attendant since 2018. Prior to her carreer in aviation she worked in Human Resorces at a  staffing agency for 9 years. She loves to travel new places and works as a photographer in her spare time. Yessenia grew up and went to College ini Puerto Rico but is a New Jersey native. She is an avid dancer and enjoys spending time with her family back home.


Mark Diefenbach



Secretary Treasurer
Sara Martin


Sara has been a flight attendant with CommuteAir since 2021 ad is very excited to serve as the new Secretary Treasurer. She earned a Multidisciplinary Studies degree from West Virginia University in 2019 and worked as a branch banker until becoming apart of the aviation industry. Sara lives in West Virginia and is based In IAD. She has always had a passion for the indusdustry and truly loves her job. Outside of  aviation, Sara enjoys reading and going to concerts.



Sue-Ann has been apart of the aviation industry since 2006. She is a former gate agent and began her career as a flight attendant in 2018. Prior to being in aviation, she worked as a Medical Assistant. She has one daughter who is currently in college.  Sue-Ann is originally from Trinidad, lived in New York and after commuting for over a year she now resides in Houston. She is super social and is an avid foodie! 




Kristine has been a flight attendant for CommuteAir since 2019. She has a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Stockton University. Prior to being a flight attendant, Kristine was a preschool teacher. When she is not out flying out flying the line, she enjoys cooking, going to concerts and spending time with her friends and animals.




Danielle Pearce, President


Mark Diefenbach, Vice President

Kayla Felix, Recording Secretary

Sara Martin, Secretary Treasurer

Michelle Bryant, Trustee

Sue-Ann Broomes, Trustee

Yessenia Hernandez, Trustee

Kristine Schumacher,

Conductor Sentinel

Jesse Wilson, General Chair


Gary Naylor, Grand Lodge Representative

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 2097
Orlando Park, IL 60462
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