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May Agenda for the Local Lodge Meeting

International Association of

Machinists & Aerospace Workers

Local Lodge 2339N Date May 4, 2019


What: Union Meeting LL 2339N When: Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 1:00pm Where: Hampton Inn & Suites CLE Airport

7074 Engle Road Middleburgh Heights, OH44130 440-234-0206


● Normal order of business.

● Per ARTICLE VIII, SECTION 1.a of our Local Lodge 2339N Bylaws – during the month of April and prior to May 1 of each year, the membership will be advised by the Recording Secretary on the bulletin board, of the possibility of amendments, changes, additions and/or deleterious to these bylaws. All proposals must be in writing, signed by not less than five (5) members, and referred to a Bylaws Committee appointed by the President. Each proposal shall be on a separate sheet of standard size paper. Per ARTICLE VIII, SECTION 1.b Must be read as proposed at two (2) consecutive meetings, immediately following the second reading, the Bylaws Committee shall submit their recommendations.

● Motion to pay Trish Clarke for mileage to/ from Officers Training on March 13, 2019.

● Motion to reimburse Trish Clarke and Edith Hogan an additional $25.00 for registration

fee for Women’s Conference April 3-6, 2019, for late registration.

● Motion to pay Natalie Dawkins per diem for mandatory Election Training at Winpisinger Center April 23-April 26, not to exceed $122.00.

● Motion to donate one dollar ($1.00) per member for MNPL Education Fund not to exceed $850.00.

In Solidarity, Lisa Ferm IAMAW 2339N Recording Secretary IAMLISAFERM@GMAIL.COM (724) 977-4402

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