ExpressJet CEO Subodh visit to ORD report

ExpressJet CEO Subodh visit to ORD report

April 13, 2019

ExpressJet CEO Subodh visit to ORD report

Subodh arrived at approximately 9 AM and left at approximately 11:00 AM on Friday, April 12th.

Pleasantries were exchanged and Subodh provided an overall update.

Growth of ORD As of today it's not clear how ORD is going to grow. There isn't much anticipation of change but there is a possibility that there will be a mix of aircraft. There are plans to continue base visits to listen to the front line workers.

Headquarters (Atech)

It was stated that we are slated to stay in ATL until the end of the year and there is a possibility of moving out of ATL to another location. That location had not been determined.

United We have a CPA that will be profitable, we have to be competitive to those like Mesa. United has a vested interest in ExpressJet and is there to help and support us through the process. United is helping with the RFP's for vendor parts and other items in need. IT is helping as well. He reiterated that back in the day of Continental that ExpressJet was the only regional they used, today, United has 8 regional carriers. We are the 2nd largest and we do 14% of United's flying. We do have to remain cost competitive. United is here to help and guide, not do the work, they have a vested interest in us.

ExpressJet Brand

How do we attract more pilots? Continue the path and offer incentives, we have to be competitive with other carriers.

The company is looking at the mission statement to determine how we move to the future.


The company plans to have 22 of the E175's on property up and running no later than December 2019 and 25 by January 2020.

ExpressJet Flight Attendants Q & A Together in solidarity, approximately 16 Flight Attendants were present, ready to listen, ask questions and share their concerns. As you are aware the TA was voted down by the Flight Attendants, how motivated are you to get back to the table and bring our Flight Attendant group together? I was ready to meet yesterday and am ready to meet today and tomorrow. I'm ready to do this a 3rd time.

Are you willing to meet without the mediator to get this done?

Yes Do you realize you are going to be paying out up to 2 million dollars to furlough the CRJ Flight Attendants. Why are you making this decision verses getting a TA?

Reference back to the earlier question, he is ready to get back to work. As of June 1, there will have 353 Flight Attendants furloughed from ExpressJet due to your decision to of placing the E175's to ERJ Flight Attendant group. How was this determination made?

The company based this decision on existing LOA #13.

As you know we are waiting on an agreement with United to be able to ride on the jumpseat, will you commit to doing what you can do help expedite this process?

Yes, I've heard much about this and will do what I can to help.

There are many scheduling issues which affect our overall reliability and controllable delays, what are you doing to correct this?

Working with the departments to correct this.

It was stated to Subodh that ERJ Flight Attendants felt they had lost a lot in this failed TA. Pilots Pilot hiring is necessary to ensure future growth. As of January 1, the company has hired 195 pilots. Pilots hired by month:

  • January 37

  • February 69

  • March 59

  • April to date 30

Scheduling issues were discussed.

Maintenance Looking to get back to the table and bargain for better wages. They are short staffed.