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the President's Message


Greetings esteemed membership,

As we approach some big changes for our companies, I would like to touch base on some of the concerns that have been vocalized.

ExpressJet has a positive future regarding the sale that was completed with United and it's partnerships.

It was an encouraging letter from the new CEO, Mr. Subodh Karnik.

That said, there are still lives affected with where we currently are.

For starters, the government shutdown has only delayed the FAA Reauthorization Bill for our 10 hours min. rest and other items included. The IAM has been pressuring them, nonetheless, and we hope during this temporary reopening, there can be progress in the forward position.

I know there have been many questions regarding when negotiations will be started for the next XJT TA. The Company filed for mediation. Mediation cannot take place as of yet, due to the backlog with the government shutdown. Earliest projection is March.

I would like to start a TA Feedback Committee to be a voice for the ERJ and CRJ flight attendants. This committee would get feedback from flight attendants on both sides as to what is most important to them. Please keep in mind, not everyone is on social media forums. There are flight attendants that would like to be heard and can go to this committee which would then take the feedback to those who will be a part of the negotiating committee.

Next, it had been suggested, that both a Furloughed and Displaced Committee be formed to address the needs and concerns of those involved. Again, there are questions, from those inside and outside social media, that can be met within the union.

I have said it before and I will continue to say it, that the whole purpose of a union is to be there for the workers.

Furthermore, we are part of a bigger picture. Our industry is definitely affected by the government shutdown. From those who direct air traffic to those that make sure we are safe when entering secure areas. If anyone is interested in starting a GoFund Me page for our TSA workers, for example, please write me and let me know. We can further discuss real solutions to those in need.

CommutAir is currently in negotiations with their contract. Progress is being made and you will be able to read the latest update on the website.

FInally, thank you to all of you who have expressed interest in attending conferences that the IAM provides. These are valuable resources that are given to us as members of the union. If you ever have any questions regarding the opportunities that are available, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I would be glad to share with you.

Yours in solidarity,

Natalie Dawkins


Local Lodge 2339 N

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