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Sisters & Brothers, The Union met with the Company and would like to pass along the following information. Staffing - Delta has requested that the company fly additional block hours for the month of September and October 2018. The company anticipates they will need 120 flight attendants in ATL. This reduces the overall need to approximately 80 flight attendants going to DFW, effective September 1, 2018. Chicago Base Opening - A vacancy bid will be posted in mid-August for the ORD base which is scheduled to open on October 1, 2018. Additional Q & A questions. If I voluntarily bid to go to DFW and there is a new base bid opening, will the company waive the 6-month limitation referred to in Section 16. A.7.? Yes How will I return my items to the company outside of business hours? Contact your Base Manager to coordinate. Will another separation package be offered to the FA group? The company doesn't anticipate this happening at this time. How long will the company offer the enhanced retirement package? If eligible you must let the company know no later than August 8, 2018. Will I be able to jumpseat when I'm furloughed? No. When will my KCM become inactive? KCM will become inactive once you have turned in your company identification badges. As a furloughed CRJ Flight Attendant if I am hired at another airline will I remain on the recall list for up to 3 years? Yes, you will remain on the recall list until you have resigned with the company. If you are on a Leave of Absence are subject to furlough? Yes. When do you anticipate the ERJ operation needing CRJ FA's to crossover? As of today, there is not a need for additional FA's, the company is evaluating the numbers each week. Can I still enroll with National Group Protection (NGP) supplemental benefits? Yes, as an IAM member you are eligible to enroll, please call 800-344-9016. If you have any questions please call Marche' Cooper at 770-403-1076 or email or Sara Gonzales at 

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