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Sisters & Brothers,

Delta has offered ExpressJet additional block hours for the month of September 2018. As a result of the additional block hours, the Company ended up furloughing fewer FA's in September which could impact the number of FA's displaced to DFW. At this time DFW staffing is a little heavy, so going forward, it's not going to be a one for one when comparing the number of furloughs to those that will have to be displaced. As a reminder the CRJ September Permanent Vacancy Positions close at 5PM on August 9th, 2018.

We have stated previously that the company numbers are fluid as this is dependent upon future awarded flying, pilot staffing and Flight Attendant attrition. The IAM will continue to meet with the Company in the coming days and weeks and will do all we can to minimize the effect this will have on our Flight Attendants.

If you have any questions please call Marche' Cooper at 770-403-1076 or email or Sara Gonzales at

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