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ExpressJet CRJ and ERJ Enhanced Separation or Retirement

Sisters and Brothers,

Your IAM representatives met with the Company yesterday and would like to pass along the following information covered in the meeting:

  1. When will CRJ part time and ERJ partnerships awards be posted? The company anticipates CRJ part-time awards to be posted on April 14, 2018 and ERJ partnerships will be posted on April 15, 2018.

  2. What state does XJT pay the unemployment insurance to? Unemployment is paid to the state in which the FA has their home address listed.

  3. Can people separate earlier than May 31 and receive the separation/retirement package? No.

  4. Will we receive accrued vacation that has been earned this year? CRJ - Based on contractual provisions will receive earned vacation for 2017 if not taken, you will also receive accrued vacation for 2018. ERJ FA's - Based on contractual provisions you will receive unused vacation time earned during the previous year.

  5. How many retirements and voluntary separations will the company allow? As many as possible.

  6. Will the retirements be approved prior to separations? Retirements and separations will be process based on seniority.

  7. If you have RGT scheduled for May, will it be removed if you choose to take the retirement/separation package? RGT will be removed from your May schedule if you take the retirement/separation package, unless it would cause you to dequal.

  8. If the union signs a contract between now and the last day worked, will we be covered for any bonuses, pay raises? Only those employed at the time of ratification will be eligible.

  9. Will the company offer additional retirement/separation packages in the future? This is based on operational needs.

  10. If I retire and meet eligibility requirements which airline will I receive flight benefits?

  11. CRJ - will receive Delta benefits until December 31, 2020

  12. ERJ - will receive United benefits

  13. American doesn't offer retiree benefits

  14. If I choose to separate, what reason will be listed on my separation notice? Lack of work.

  15. If I separate from the company when will my Health Savings Account (HSA), become inactive? The account can be used until the end of the month you are active. It cannot be used during the additional two months' severance.

We will continue to meet with the Company and will do all we can to minimize the effect this will have on our Flight Attendants. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

In solidarity,

Sara Gonzales Marche' Johnson-Cooper General Chairperson Special Representative

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