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Sisters and Brothers:

As you know, the Union has been actively pressuring the Company to bring back the ERJ furloughs (including the CRJ crossovers) and those who took COLAs in lieu of furlough as soon as possible. The Company has sent letters to those who were potentially furloughed but instead chose to take a COLA, so that they have the opportunity to express interest in returning from COLA early. This is in order to fulfill the contractual language in Section 12.H.1.b. which specifies that furloughed flight attendants and flight attendants on Company offered leave of absence (who have expressed a desire to return to work) will be recalled in seniority order. According to the Company's feedback we expect recalls to begin in May 2018. However, as we all know changes to staffing needs can change very quickly. Please call me if you have any questions at 281-827-3965. In Solidarity, Sara Gonzales GENERAL CHAIR 

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