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Brothers and Sisters, We would like to send a reminder to everyone regarding the 24 minute turn time for the UAX operation. If a delay takes place, a member of management or a base admin will send an email requesting information on why the delay occurred. The company only has 24 hours to change a delay code from the flight attendant to the proper delay code. We have had many flight attendants leave the A/C with only a 24 minute turn time to grab food which results in delay to be placed on the FA and management has stated that this code will not be changed. Be mindful of your turn times on your pairing and continue to refresh your pairing on your cell phone or electronic device to verify what your turn time is. Make notes on when you notified the gate agent to board. Although this may seem unnecessary or time consuming, it can essentially help you with getting a late recoded properly. Any questions regarding late outbounds or turn times, please reach out to your local reps. In solidarity, LL2339N, Executive Board 

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