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2018 Dues Rate

Members, Per the IAMAW Constitution, the per capita tax increase for both the Grand Lodge and District Lodge will create a dues rate increase for this local as of January 2018 of the following: Openskies Flight Attendant: $61.28 ExpressJet ERJ Flight Attendant: $61.28 ExpressJet CRJ Flight Attendant: $43.00 CommutAir Flight Attendant: $35.00 For those of you wondering why our dues are not the same per group, here is the reasoning: The ExpressJet CRJ Flight Attendants will continue to pay their AFA dues rate until both the ERJ and CRJ ExpressJet Flight Attendants have reached a joint contract. This was agreed upon during the representational election. CommutAir was granted a dispensation when they ratified their first contract that would keep them at a rate of $35.00 until their second contract has been ratified. Please remember it is the responsibility of the Flight Attendant to make sure they are dues current. Lapse in dues will create a delinquent membership and the Flight Attendant must pay a reinstatement fee per ther local lodge bylaws to gain full member status. If you are out on any sort of leave of absence where you do not get paid, you may be entitled to a Dues Stamp which is only $2.00 per month rather than your full dues amount. If you have any questions regarding the dues, please contact Secretary-Treasurer Monica Pasillas at: 

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