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Sisters and Brothers:

Please stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings while on overnights. Unfortunately, there was a serious safety event that occurred while on an overnight recently and it is our responsibility to make sure you as Flight Attendants are informed. Below are some helpful tips to stay safe while going out on an overnight.

  • When able take another crew member with you when going out and at the very least get one person's information so you can have it on the go.

  • If you are going out alone sometimes it's best to pre-plan your route before leaving the hotel.

  • Always bring a charged cell phone

  • Never go to areas that are secluded, unless you are familiar with that area

  • Walk with confidence and act like you know where you are going, even if you don't

  • Where applicable have the shuttle drop you off

This message is not meant to deter anyone from going out, but rather a reminder that as safety professionals, we need to be careful and watch out for ourselves.

In Solidarity,

Sharon Moss-Bonner Alice Rhodes Flight Safety ExpressJet IAM Hotel Committee Chair

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