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ExpressJet Preferential Hiring Q&A

December 03, 2017 Sisters and Brothers: There have been several questions regarding the recent announcement, we hope this will clarify some of your concerns. CRJ Standing Bid The bid is currently open and will close December 5, 2017, at 12:00 EST. Based on operational needs, if you voluntarily went to a new domicile, the 6-month waiting period may be waived. Training There is a FAA approved Preferential Transition Training program for CRJ/ERJ FA's. To be qualified to begin January 1, 2018, ERJ FA's will begin Transition Training during the month of December in Atlanta, GA. Seniority Flight Attendants hired under LOA #17 Preferential Hiring Program, will have a bidding seniority of December 31, 2017. Moving Expenses To request moving days, go to and email IFS CRJ Admin (Group). As a reminder, you can request moving days at least 3 days prior to the bid opening, if approved, a virtual credit will be placed on those days. Probation ERJ FA's hired under the Preferential Hiring Program will ­­­­not be on probation. Steps of Discipline/Occurrences ERJ FA's hired under the Preferential Hiring Program if you are on a step of discipline or have any occurrences, they will remain in place. Grievance Representative(s) in each domicile ATL: Marvin Moon- (678) 478-2678 Lora Berntsen- (832) 423-4793 Sabrina Mitchell- (214) 587-9370 DFW: Romel Williams- (404) 542-8011 LGA: Audra Bruner- (832) 445-5564 Your IAM leadership is dedicated to minimizing the impact to our Flight Attendants and will continue to protect your rights under the current CRJ CBA throughout this process. Please contact your IAM Grievance Representatives for any questions you may have. You may also contact me at or 770-403-1076 Fraternally, Marche Johnson-Cooper Special Representative

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