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Members, This will serve as a reminder for those flight attendants who have elected to take a COLA or TOWOP on how to stay dues current while on leave. Your LOA dues are $2/month. You can elect to make a payment for the full time you are on your leave, or mail a check in each month. Failure to stay dues can result in having to pay a reinstatement fee which can be found in our Local Lodge bylaws. Please make checks payable to: LL 2339N Mailing address: LL2339N Attn: ST Monica Pasillas PO Box 2222 Palatine, IL 60078 Please note which months your are paying for and include your employee number and base on a separate sheet of paper. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Secretary Treasurer, Monica Pasillas, at In solidarity, LL2339N, Executive Board

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