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NMB Finds Insufficient Interest for ExpressJet Election

NMB Finds Insufficient Interest for ExpressJet Election The National Mediation Board (NMB) today rejected the request from a group of former IAM representatives and inexperienced others to hold a representational election for ExpressJet Flight Attendants. The NMB determined this group didn't file their application with support from ExpressJet Flight Attendants. However, these individuals were successful in completely derailing negotiations. First, by starting a petition and demanding ExpressJet operate ERJ and CRJ Flight Attendants under separate contracts and separate seniority lists. Then by causing all negotiations to abruptly stop with their NMB filing, which the federal government agency declared today was done without the support of ExpressJet Flight Attendants. "The IAM is prepared to get back to the negotiation table quickly, but if the company continues to see division among ExpressJet Flight Attendants, achieving our goals will be difficult," said LL 2339N President Carli Meneses. "To get the contract we all want, we must proudly display our solidarity and soundly reject any continued attempts to divide us."

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