Sisters and Brothers:

We would like to inform you of some changes within our grievance committee. Both ATL Grievance Representative Traci Campbell and EWR Grievance Representative Manny Rivero have resigned to pursue other opportunities. We wish them both the very best in their future endeavors and appreciate their hard work and dedication to the membership.

Due to the expected downsizing and eventual base closure of ATL, there are no plans to fill the position left vacant by Sister Campbell.

In EWR the vacant position will be filled by Darci McLaren, former 2339O Vice President and former MCI Grievance Representative, who has also been one of our active members of 2339N. We look forward to the experience and knowledge Sister McLaren will bring to the Grievance Committee. Please find her contact information below:

Darci McLaren, EWR Grievance Representative


Thank you for your continued support.

In Solidarity,

Sara Gonzales Melissa Brennan Marche’ Johnson-Cooper GENERAL CHAIR SPECIAL REP. SPECIAL REP.