Last week, your IAM representative met with the Company in our regular quarterly meeting. The topics discussed were based on the feedback your local representatives received directly from the membership.

The first topic we covered was the incorrect accrual of vacation and the vacation audit that we requested on your behalf. Efforts have been made to ensure this does not occur every year and the Company stated that all vacation accruals have been corrected. If you do not believe your vacation accrual is correct please contact a representative as soon as possible.

We followed up on our concern that the Company does not have a formal fatigue process in place for flight attendants. The Company stated that it is something that we can address in negotiations in order to establish contractual guidelines. We are still researching the issue, particularly other regionals that do have fatigue policies and/or contract language to protect flight attendants from fatigue.

We initiated discussions regarding ice bags being placed on the floor by catering at several locations. If you receive a bag of ice sitting on the floor of the jetway or galley, we recommend that you ask for a replacement bag of ice from catering or the appropriate station personnel. The Company has committed to addressing the issue with United as well.

There have been many inconsistencies regarding scheduling, particularly whether an airport reserve should be calling to notify scheduling that they are beginning their airport reserve shift if they have a trip already assigned. The Company’s position was that you should be calling but are going to follow up with the Union to make sure that it’s being done consistently across both bases. We also brought up the check in process becoming automated, in addition to a mobile check in option available on your personal electronic device. The Company was open-minded to the options but nothing definitive has been agreed to in this regard.

Scheduling problems were addressed specifically, senior people not being awarded their requested shifts and trip trades being denied for not being “the same block for block”. We also addressed all the issues taking place with the United Link device not functioning or being missing from aircrafts. This issue is being experienced at all UAX regionals as well and the Company will be continuing to address the issue with United.

We proposed a 30-minute reserve report times due to location and factors involved in getting to the respective gates of operation from the crew rooms. We mentioned the challenges at both EWR and IAD with the people movers and bus service. The Company will be taking this into consideration moving forward.

Also, an issue that was raised in management reprimanding members for appearance/uniform infractions, when in fact they were not out of compliance according to Company guidelines. The Company committed to addressing this issue through training in order to ensure fair treatment.

In Solidarity,