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ExpressJet DTW Base Closure

Brothers and Sisters,

Today the Company announced the closing of the CRJ DTW domicile. Your IAM leadership will be working to minimize the impact to our Flight Attendants. Please be advised that your rights under the current CRJ CBA will be protected throughout this process.

We are addressing the moving company fees being billed directly to the Company, so flight attendants will not have to pay out of pocket for those expenses and should have an update on this shortly. Keep in mind, the Company is also responsible for the costs associated with a displaced Flight Attendant breaking a lease, however a copy of the lease must be provided to the company.

Please review Sections 16, 17 and 19 of the contract so you may familiarize yourselves with the procedures for domicile closures, displacements and vacancy awards. We will be meeting with the company continuously through this process to ensure your rights are protected as negotiated in the CBA. IAM representatives will also be available in the DTW crew room in the coming days to answer any questions you may have.

You may also contact Marche’ Johnson-Cooper at .

In Solidarity,

Marche’ Johnson-Cooper Special Representative

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