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Organizing Budget

We'd like to thank everyone for sharing our local agenda for our upcoming meeting in September on FaceBook. It's a perfect reminder that we have our meetings on the second Tuesday of every month in Newark and all are encouraged to attend.

One of the items on the agenda is, indeed, approving an organizing budget. We agree that it's a waste to spend time and money on another representational battle with XJT. We'd rather be spending these resources on negotiations and other issues that can improve the quality of life for our flight attendant group. However, an organizing campaign is being waged against us, and we need to be ready to respond to protect our jobs, contract and quality of life, if the NMB approves that campaign after analyzing the cards that were submitted.

While we hope that we will not have to fight this battle in a time when we all should be coming together and addressing the needs due to the shrinking of the CRJ side, we will fight to continue supporting our group and your contracts if this vengeful attack upon us is allowed.

In solidarity,

LL2339N Executive Board

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