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ExpressJet Update – Your Only Source of Accurate Information

Sisters and Brothers:

Over the next few weeks, there will be several communications regarding the representational dispute between the IAM and a small unprepared group. During this period the IAM will be putting out information regarding this process to keep you informed.

As your representatives, we are the only source of correct information, not the company and certainly not the uninformed individuals that derailed your negotiations. To ensure you have the most updated information, please read our bulletins, check your bulletin boards or contact your grievance representatives. The IAM will also be the one to communicate the results of an election, if the NMB orders one.

Again, the only accurate source of information on the NMB process is your representative, the IAM. Please keep in mind that the company and the few who are disgruntled may share the same interest, which would be to leave you unrepresented.

In solidarity,

Sara Gonzales Marche’ Johnson-Cooper


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