ExpressJet Membership Update

Brothers & Sisters,

We have been notified that three inexperienced flight attendants, with no financial ability or resources to represent flight attendants, has filed for a representation election at ExpressJet.

We were in talks with the Company this week and were in the midst of negotiating the final sections of the contract, nearing a Tentative Agreement, including pay increases and an integrated seniority list, but as a result of this filing, negotiations have come to an abrupt halt.

The membership has already waited too long for an agreement and the pay you deserve. We have been delayed because of the ASA/XJT merger and subsequent representation election, now we will be delayed yet again, just as we were nearing completion of a Tentative Agreement to be put out to a vote.

This filing, that stopped all talks with the Company, does nothing but put your jobs in jeopardy and may forever prevent the raises at hand. An election can cause the process to start all over again or can even result in you losing any union representation. If that happens, your pay, benefits and work rules will be dictated by the company and you will lose the ability to negotiate and ratify a contract.

Now, more than ever, our members need to be aware of the risk they would be taking. Turning negotiations over to a few people with no experience or support is the worst mistake we can make.

Fraternally yours,


Cori Horowitz Manny Rivero Romel Williams ORD Base EWR Base DFW Base