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ExpressJet FA: Hurricane Harvey Update

Please be advised the following message was sent by ExpressJet:

As everyone has most likely seen and/or experienced, the entire Houston area is severely flooded with more rain in the forecast for the next few days. A lot of the roads are impassable and many people are stuck in their homes, hotels or at the airport. United is able to operate humanitarian/relief flights from IAH to help get stranded crewmembers out of the area over the next few days. Below are the operational outlooks along with the relief flights that are being provided at this time.

IAH and the UAX Operation:

At this time, the FAA has closed the IAH airport until 17Z on Thursday, August 31st. United has cancelled all IAH flights until then. Scheduling is currently working thru all of the cancellations and updating schedules.

The only flights that are permitted are those for humanitarian aid or military flights. Below are four UAL flights that will be operated for humanitarian relief out of IAH. If you are in the IAH area, and can get to the airport and would like to fly out on one of these flights, please let me know as soon as you can. Preferably, text me at 216-849-6084 with your name, employee #, and N number. I will make every effort to coordinate the travel.

For today, August 28th UA 2748 IAH-ORD ETD 1530L UA 2752 IAH-ORD ETD 1930L

UA 9100 ORD-EWR ETD 1830L (reposition flight)

For tomorrow, August 29th UA 2755 IAH-ORD ETD 1330L UA 2756 IAH-ORD ETD 1700L

Please stay alert for changes to your schedule and continue to use the self-notify tool in SkedPlus+ as a primary tool to acknowledge changes. Using this tool will help keep calls to Crew Scheduling at a manageable level. As a second alternative, please use the “Contact Crew Support” tab on under Crewmember CRJ/ERJ. This remains a key factor in our successful recovery from the storm. Again, many thanks for utilizing this and for your patience as our schedulers work through the changes.

If you are a commuting crewmember affected by the storms and need help positioning on a flight, let Scheduling know. Positive space has been authorized by United.

We will send further updates to keep you informed as information becomes available. Please continue to take care of each other and our customers out there. Your Local management will be available to assist you as needs arise.

Please stay safe and take care of each other!

In Solidarity,

Sara Gonzales

General Chairperson

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