The IAM is aware that the Company is diligently and willfully trying to take away the negotiated rights of our CRJ Flight Attendants. The Union is appalled at the Company’s willingness to abuse the contract and then further injure the Flight Attendants by not properly compensating those who were willing to “volunteer” at a huge cost savings to the Company. By offering a month of TDY/Temporary Vacancy Assignment, the Company is violating the following sections of our CBA:

* Section 8.F.3: “A reserve Flight Attendant may be assigned to reserve out of domicile, at any location, for a period not to exceed five (5) calendar days, inclusive of position into and out of domicile.”

* Section 17.B.1: “When a temporary vacancy occurs, the Company will post such vacancy for a minimum of ten (10) days at the domicile(s) from which bids will be accepted… Awards shall be made in seniority order”…

* Section 17.B.4: “A Flight Attendant filling a temporary vacancy away from her/his domicile will be entitled to the provisions of Sections 6.A, B, and C for the period she/he fills the temporary vacancy.”

* Section 6.A.1: “The Company will provide adequate single occupancy lodging at all overnight stations and will pay the cost of such lodging”…

* Section 6.B.1: “The Company will provide and pay the cost of crew transportation between the airport and all designated lodging facilities, if necessary.”

* Section 6.C.1: “A Flight Attendant shall receive a meal expense allowance for all overnights (including continuous duty overnights)”…

* Section 6.C.2: “The above expense allowance will be calculated from the time the Flight Attendant reports for duty at her/his domicile until released from duty at her/his domicile, and will be prorated for portions of an hour.”

* Section 17.B.5: “A Flight Attendant shall be provided deadhead transportation from her/his domicile to the location of the temporary vacancy at the beginning of the temporary vacancy and from the location of the temporary vacancy to her/his domicile at the end of the temporary vacancy…..”

Our contract was agreed to by the Union and the Company, a violation accepted is a precedent set. We work in an industry that seniority is of the utmost importance. These rules protect all of our work environments and our daily quality of life.

In response to this egregious and blatant disregard of our contract, the IAM has filed multiple grievances and we are prepared to submit any denied grievance to expedited arbitration if the company fails to acknowledge the violation.

How can you assist the Union in this matter?

1) If the Company asked you if you wanted to TDY/take a 30 day temporary assignment at a different base, please let us know so we can ensure you were properly compensated.

2) If the Company denied your request for a 30 day TDY/temporary assignment at a different base, please let us know as your seniority and/or the bucket list may have been violated.

3) If you were unaware of this offer and you would have taken a 30 day TDY/temporary assignment to a different base if the opportunity arose for you, please let us know. You too could be due a settlement.

Please contact Audra Bruner at

United we stand in Solidarity,