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Sisters and Brothers,

Last week, your IAM representatives met with Inflight and labor relations management at CommutAir for our regular quarterly meeting to discuss overall concerns that have been brought to us.

Passenger Photos/Videos One of our major concerns was how to handle passengers who are taking photos and/or video of Flight Attendants without their permission. As safety professionals and first responders, you should not have to come to work every day wondering if you will become the next “viral video” for simply performing your duties and enforcing the FAA regulations and airline policies. If you find yourself in the situation that a passenger is taking photos or video of you without your permission, you should politely advise them that it is against our mainline partner’s policy to take photos and video of airline personnel onboard without their express consent. This policy is available in the magazine in their seatback pocket for reference. If they continue to record or photograph you without your consent, please notify your pilot in command immediately. In addition, the Company has committed to working with the pilot group as well to coordinate the handling of such events.

Crew Scheduling/Planning As the Company grows, they have begun to separate out the crew planning and crew scheduling functions and roles, which should lead to a more streamlined process.

Also, one of the changes is that there should be a “lead” scheduler available on most if not all shifts. So, if you are questioning something scheduling is doing, please ask to speak to the “lead” scheduler, who may be able to resolve the issue.

The issue of Navtech awarding more than four standups in a row should already be corrected. If you are awarded more than four standups in a row, please notify your IAM representative immediately.

The Company has committed to posting the dates for bidding and finalization of awards. In addition, the Company is working on a new and improved LIP form.

We do realize we have still been hearing complaints regarding scheduling and the IAM will be sitting in with the schedulers to try to alleviate some of the errors being made.

Commuter Clause Any Flight Attendant issued a missed trip for not commuting from home please contact This is not in our contract and will be disputed as such. Also, paper boarding cards are not required for United Airlines flights; you only need proof that you listed. Mobile check in screens will be accepted, KCM access logs also substantiate that you were commuting at KCM airports, paper boarding cards for United are not required but helpful. Flights will be looked at for open seats. If the flight went out with an open seat it will be assumed you were not present at the airport and a missed trip will be issued. For all other airlines you will need to provide 2 physical paper boarding passes. You are expected to continue to try and get to work and keep scheduling informed of your commuting failures along the way.

Fatigue We are still working with the Company in implementing a fatigue policy in writing for Flight Attendants. In the meantime, they are honoring fatigue calls but please make sure the reason for your fatigue is operationally based. If you have any questions, please contact your IAM representative.

In Solidarity,


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