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May Business Meeting Recap

Brothers and Sisters,

Our monthly business meeting was held on May 9, 2017 and here is a quick recap.

President Carli Meneses gave the Executive Report discussing the upcoming AIDS Walk NY on May 21 and to remind everyone to join our team 4960. The Legislative Conference was also taking place this week and we have delegates representing our local. She discussed the upcoming Flight Safety Conference and announced the GL Convention in September. She also discussed the upcoming Local Lodge BBQ in ATL and a reminder to the membership about the July/August business meeting summer break.

CRJ Special Rep. Marche Johnson-Cooper reported on a consistent visit to all bases regularly. She also put the rumor-mill to rest regarding 5-day pairings. The union was approached by the company regarding 5-day parings, but there are currently no agreements in place, nor implementation.

ERJ Special Rep. Melissa Brennan reported on the OSM Aviation International organizational effort. Currently there are 75 US-based flight attendants, but there is an expectation of 200. They are expected to start flying short-haul routes in June. Please click the link to learn more abou the IAM/OSM progress.

Base grievance reports were given:

ATL/CRJ - M. Moon - You have the right for union representation and guidance prior to submitting any statements or attending any meetings. Please contact a rep for assistance.

IAH/ERJ - S. Bahn - Please contact a rep if you feel you were recently released from training unjustly. Kudos to new rep. Debby Tucker who is doing amazingly. She also spoke about the progression of the United/XJT jumpseat agreement.

LGA/CRJ - A. Bruner - New base transition & usual hiccups. She spoke about the temporary small crew accommodations until the larger space is available this fall, as well as the off-site RR room.

DFW/CRJ - R. Williams - 700 implementation. He spoke about the culture shock of working together as a team. If you have concerns or any conflict, please contact Romel Williams, base rep, for guidance. He also spoke about potential toxic fumes on the aircraft. If this is suspected, please use your FAM as guidance, notify your captain, follow instructions and submit a detailed IOR & ASAP.

ORD/ERJ - M. Pasillas - She spoke about the delays in management's 'requests for delay reasonings.'

EWR/ERJ - M. Rivero - He spoke about the consistent lack of ASAP filings. If you are filling out an IOR, please contact a rep as to whether an ASAP should be filled out as well, and if unsure, then please submit both an IOR and ASAP.

Damie Thorpe of CommutAir, discussed grievances and issues with the company not following the contract language.

Sharon Moss-Bonner, Flight Safety Chair, reported that the Safety Committee will be meeting to discuss concerns regarding fatigue, ASAP, and open and newly closed Safety Action Events. The trends for monthly, quarterly, and yearly data will be discussed. The Inflight Security meeting with Corp. Security consistently meets with the Flight Safety Chair with updates regarding any threats concerning our members. Current feedback for this month is the new procedure for not checking for Lavatory seals in the CRJ aircraft. ASAP report trends are rising, consistent with the previous year. Leading trends are: non-compliant manuals, passenger misconduct/non-compliance, and rushing during boarding. The flight Safety Conference will begin May 31st.

Banetta Jones, Legislative Chair, is currently out attending the Legislative Conference in DC. A full report will follow in email correspondence, as well as, at the next business meeting.

The District Lodge Conference will be held in September, in New Orleans, LA. 10 delegates were nominated and voted on + one alternate.

All agenda items were approved and the LL Bylaw Committee read changes to LL Bylaw proposals, totaling 7. Any additions or changes to District 142 Bylaw proposals from the membership should be submitted and read at our June meeting. These are separate from the LL Bylaws.

We hope to see you at the next business meeting, June 13, 2017 at 1 PM. Meeting location is the Residence Inn EWR Airport. Shuttle service is provided from P4 area. Small refreshments will be provided.

In solidarity,

LL2339N, Executive Board

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