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Sisters and Brothers,

Effective March 5, 2017, ExpressJet Flight Attendants Lora Berntsen, Debby Tucker and Audra Bruner have been appointed to the position of Grievance Representative. Air Transport District 142 appointed these positions per the LL2339N Bylaws. Their responsibilities will include the administration of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for their respective bases.

Lora was hired as a Flight Attendant in June 1990 and was involved with the union several years ago as a Grievance Representative as well as an EAP Representative.

Debby was hired as a Flight Attendant in February 2005 and has been involved with the Womens/Human Rights Committee and loves helping others.

Audra was hired as a Flight Attendant in November 2013 and while on and off Reserve, has helped others to ensure contractual rights weren’t violated.

All have attended Grievance Training at the William W. Winpinsinger Education Center are ready to service the membership. Lora will be representing Flight Attendants in ATL. Debby will be representing Flight Attendants in IAH and Audra will be representing members in DTW.

On behalf of Air Transport District Lodge 142 and the entire leadership team at Local Lodge 2339N, please join us in congratulating them and welcoming them to their new role.

Lora’s contact information is: Email –

Debby’s contact information is: Email –

Audra’s contact information is: Email –

Once they received their grievance cell phones, their numbers will be published on the IAMAW Flight Attendant app and on the bulletin boards.

In Solidarity,


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