Sisters and Brothers,

Your IAM Joint Contract Negotiations Committee met from Monday, March 20 and continued through Friday March 24, 2017 in San Antonio, Texas.

Your committee exchanged several proposals with the Company on the following Sections:

Section 4, Scheduling – We have passed several proposals regarding scheduling issues such as bidding adjustments, picking up, trading, hours of service and reserve rules just to name a few. Although we have made progress we are still far apart on a few key issues that could impact our membership.

Section 6, Training – We have successfully completed this section and have reached a TA.

As of this session, the following sections of the JCBA are open: Section 3, Compensation Section 4, Scheduling Section 8, Vacation Section 10, OJI Section 11, Leaves of Absence Section 14, Moving Expenses Section 26, Benefits Section 27, Duration Section 30, System Seniority List

Your negotiation committee remains steadfast at addressing all concerns with the company’s proposal, and is dedicated to improving/ maintaining an excellent quality of life for our members. As your representatives at the table, we have again expressed to the company the need to continue to work towards a JCBA until an agreement is reached. While doing so we thank you for your patience and look forward to your continued support.

Future negotiation dates will be communicated once assigned by the mediator.

Negotiations updates can be accessed at: or on the IAM ExpressJet App which can be downloaded by searching IAMAW on your App or Google Play store.

Fraternally yours,


Marche’ Johnson-Cooper Marvin Moon Special Representative ATL Base

Cori Horowitz Manny Rivero Romel Williams ORD Base EWR Base DFW Base