Expressjet 2017 RGT Questions

We have received several questions regarding 2017 RGT that we have addressed with the training department, specifically regarding workshops for 2017 RGT, ABP briefing drills and what the Company meant by equipment “special considerations” on the 2017 RGT memo they sent out.

Regarding workshops, the training department has started including the 2017 content in the workshops this month, so you can attend a workshop in December if you have class in January and the instructors will be prepared to cover the 2017 material.

Also, you will be required to use the ABP card and follow the bullet points on it when doing the ABP briefing drill. FAA Cabin Safety Inspectors have stated they consider it to be an emergency checklist and will expect everyone to use it when conducting the briefings. Nobody is required to memorize the briefing without using the cards.

In regards to the equipment “special considerations”, this includes the things like range and duration of the various equipment pieces – e.g. halon extinguisher range is 8 feet and lasts at least 8 seconds, water extinguisher range is 20 feet and lasts 30 seconds, PBEs last 15 minutes, etc. Also includes minor details like remembering to shake out hair after using PBE, age/weight requirements for AED, who can open an EMK, etc. You will be expected to know the preflight and operation for each piece from memory but the instructors will ask ‘leading’ questions to get the answers for other special considerations.

Hope this helps you prepare for your 2017 RGT.

Happy holidays to all!

In Solidarity,

Sara Gonzales Melissa Brennan Marche’ Johnson-Cooper GENERAL CHAIR SPECIAL REP. SPECIAL REP.