The IAM filed grievance 2665 regarding being paid your guarantee when bidding Vacation Low. This grievance was filed on behalf of all CRJ Flight Attendants based on the following language:

LOA # 9 Vacation Bid Low option: In a month in which a Flight Attendant has vacation, she/he will have the option, at her/his discretion, to select the TLV at seventy- five (75) hours for her/his bidding purposes, minus her/his vacation virtual credit for that month.

A Flight Attendant who has vacation, at her/his discretion, will have the option to use either three and one half (3.5) virtual credit hours or four (4) virtual credit hours for each day of his vacation period applied toward her/his schedule for the month for which she/he has vacation.

In a month in which a Flight Attendant has vacation, a Flight Attendant(s) will have the option to select a threshold line value (TLV) that is the lower of seventy-five (75) hours or if the Company selects a (TLV) for a bid run solution(s) less than seventy-five (75) hours, then the lower value. The PBS system will have a check box that overrides the (TLV) selected in the administrative panel. If a Flight Attendant selects the vacation low option he/she will be paid the greater of the Minimum Monthly guarantee in Section 5 or the credits she/he is awarded.

This grievance was scheduled for arbitration, however, the Company has provided additional information along with an email sent to CRJ Flight Attendants from previous AFA leadership stating the intent of Vacation Low was not to maintain your guarantee.

This email in part was sent to all members from AFA Council 60 E-Update dated February 6, 2011:

VACATION LOW—In order to provide more options in vacation months, Flight Attendants will now be able to select a “Vacation Low” window of 60-80 hours. The TLV for Vacation Low will be 70 hours, and you can also set your virtual credit for vacation days to four (4) hours. If you choose the Vacation Low credit window, you will be waving your monthly guarantee and will only be paid for your flown hours plus applicable credits. If you would like to set your own Personal Credit Threshold, you may do so and use the Vacation Virtual Credit of four (4) hours. If you do not wish to maximize your time off, do not select either option.

In Unity,

Lindsay Gardner MEC/LEC President (770) 864-8679

Dorothy Bell MEC/LEC Vice President (678) 464-5492

Stephanie Walski MEC/LEC Secretary-Treasurer (770) 733-4535

After in-depth discussion with the Company, and as we continually fight for your contractual rights, unfortunately, due to the previous union leadership’s agreement and documented interpretation, we have been left with no choice but to withdraw. If you have any questions, please contact us.

In Solidarity,

Sara Gonzales Melissa Brennan Marche’ Johnson-Cooper GENERAL CHAIR SPECIAL REP. SPECIAL REP.