Expressjet CRJ Fleet Reduction

As the Company has indicated, they will be removing CRJ 200s from service by the end of 2017. The Company does not anticipate furloughs for Flight Attendants and plans to handle the surplus in staffing by offering VTDs, VRDs and TOWOPs, in accordance with the CBA, if necessary.

At this time the Company does plan to continue with the scheduled CRJ new hire classes at the beginning of 2017 to accommodate for the drastic growth in DFW in early 2017 and due to the fact the majority of the CRJ-200 reduction will occur in late 2017. In addition, at this time the Company does not anticipate that displacements will be necessary as a result of this reduction. Any further information on the reduction will be communicated as soon as possible.

If you have any other questions please contact you local representatives.

In Solidarity,

Sara Gonzales Melissa Brennan Marche’ Johnson-Cooper