Expressjet Weekly Update


submitted by Marche’ Johnson-Cooper If you have had an unscheduled overnight and weren’t placed into rest when you returned to domicile, please contact a grievance representative immediately. We will need the following information: date, pairing number and what caused the unscheduled overnight (i.e. weather, maintenance, fatigue, crew member timed out). Per the CRJ CBA Section 7.R Unscheduled Overnights, you are to be released once you are in domicile.

Grievance There were nine appeals to Grievance Mediation this week.


ERJ DFW Base Closure submitted by Sara Gonzales

As you know the Company announced the closing of the ERJ DFW base yesterday. Please be advised that your rights under the contract will be protected throughout this process.

We have an outstanding grievance regarding the Company not providing positive space travel that is outlined in the contract and should be provided to displaced flight attendants. This grievance has been appealed to arbitration and we have been actively seeking a resolution with the Company.

Moving expenses will be reimbursed by the Company. Keep in mind, the Company is also responsible for the costs associated with breaking a lease, but a copy of your lease will have to be provided.

Please review Sections 11 & 12 of the contract to review the process for base closures, displacements and vacancy awards. We will be meeting with the Company continuously through this process to ensure your rights are protected and the CBA is followed.

If you have any questions at this time please contact Leslie Adkinson at

ERJ Announcement CDs submitted by Melissa Brennan

We are very pleased the Company has notified us the ERJ Announcement CD is ready to be picked up. Your District 142 Reps proposed this idea to the Company on November 20, 2015 with the idea that safety is our number one priority, and we can now focus 100% of our attention on cabin preparation prior to departure. This is also an effort to cut back on customer complaints for incorrect announcements being made, and ultimately performance discipline being assessed to many Flight Attendants. Please don’t forget to pick up your new CD before your next trip, and we are confident that you will find this improvement to be beneficial.

ARC After Pairings submitted by Sara Gonzales

As we noted in the last Weekly Update, Reserve Flight Attendants have been receiving ARC assignments at the conclusion of their pairings. This was an issue your Grievance Representatives were monitoring closely and in constant communication about. The Company was not crediting the contractual minimum of 5 hours. However, several grievances were filed and the problem has since been resolved.

Payroll has run a spreadsheet on everyone that has had ARC after flying this month and should be correcting his or her pay. Please check your Crew Pay to ensure you are being credited accordingly. If you were not paid correctly, please email a member of management and cc your Grievance Representative so it can be corrected. Keep in mind regardless of the length of your ARC period; you should be receiving 5 credit hours in addition to the previously flown trip. If you were assigned a trip while on the ARC period that was worth more than the 5 hours, you will be credited for the greater amount.

In addition, you should not be scheduled up to a 13:30 duty day on ARC after a pairing because while it is not a violation of the CBA, it is counter productive to the operation and unfair to our membership. If you are scheduled past an 11:30 duty day while on an ARC assignment after a pairing please contact a Grievance Representative immediately, so that we may assist.

Please be clear, this does not mean in other scenarios that Reserves cannot be scheduled up to the normal 13:30 duty day and this is only referring to situations of ARC assignments after a pairing.

If you have any questions please contact your Grievance Representatives.

Step 2 Grievances submitted by Sara Gonzales

All pending Step 2 grievances were heard in Houston, Texas on July 12, 2016. There are currently no outstanding Step 2 grievances.

The next Grievance Mediation session is scheduled to be held for both CRJ and ERJ August 2-4, 2016.