District 142 Election Results

Thursday, June 23, 2016


This is to advise that on June 21, 2016 the District Lodge #142 Election Tellers, Department of Labor-OLMS Election Supervisor Katie A. Serrano and Investigators have counted and tabulated the votes for the election of District Officers and General Chairpersons and the following nominees having received the highest number of votes for their respective office or position are hereby declared elected in accordance with the provisions of the District #142 Bylaws and the Grand Lodge Constitution:


President Directing General Chair:                        2 years                   David Supplee*
Secretary-Treasurer:                                              4 years                   Ian Anderman*
Vice Foreign Flag:                                                  4 years                   Andrew Boyd*
Vice President Alaska Airlines:                              4 years                   Justin Bates
Vice Air Wisconsin:                                                4 years                   Robert Nedelijkovic
Vice President ExpressJet:                                    4 years                   Nicole Fears
Vice President Southwest:                                     2 years                   Clyde Haynes*
Trustee:                                                                  2 years                   John Bidoglio
Trustee:                                                                  4 years                   Gary Vargo
General Chair ExpressJet:                                     2 years                   Sara Gonzales
General Chair Southwest:                                      2 years                   Jessica Morris
General Chair American:                                       2 years                    Randy Griffith*
General Chair American:                                       2 years                    Bill Wise*
General Chair American:                                       2 years                    John Coveny*
General Chair Air Wisconsin:                                4 years                    Jerry Lemke*
General Chair Alaska:                                           4 years                    Jackie Fay*
General Chair Southwest:                                     4 years                    Carrie Lessley
General Chair-At-Large:                                        4 years                    Kenny Champagne
General Chair-At-Large:                                        2 years                    April Butler
General Chair-At-Large:                                        2 years                    Sean Ryan
General Chair-At-Large:                                        2 years                    James M. Samuel


(*Denotes Winner by Acclamation)


A report containing a detailed statement of the votes cast in each local lodge for these candidates will be mailed to each local lodge and each candidate.


Joe Shultz, Jr.              Michael Cicconi               Tammy Griffith




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