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Monthly business meeting update


The monthly business meeting was held on April 12, 2016.

The Executive Report was given by Carli Meneses, who discussed upcoming conferences, upcoming District Lodge elections, and better ways to be active on social media to get members more involved. Sara Gonzales, General Chairperson, sent in her update which was read by Manny discussing Step 2 grievances, returning to the negotiations table, Kaylee Reed to replace Rick Berry, mediation in May and that the settlement for the 15 calendar/working day sick call grievance is still being worked out. Manny Rivero, Human Rights Chair, reminded everyone to sign up for AIDS Walk NY which is on May 15. Join our team, IAM Flight Attendants 4960. Manny and Carli gave their grievance report reminding flight attendants that the company is now sending out informational meeting notices but advise you to bring a rep with you. Also, there has been meetings set up due to flight attendants reporting late to the aircraft and not calling to be released from ARC. Eva Minguez and Pam Montalvo attended Spanish Leadership last month at the W3 and informed the membership about all they learned and that it was a great experience. Carli Meneses attended the MNPL Planning Committee Conference and which focused on legislative issues, had political analysis speakers who spoke on not only the Presidential race but also about upcoming Governor and Congressional races, as well as the Rally for Rest on Capitol Hill. Pam Montalvo gave the audit report saying that there were no discrepancies found for the second half of 2015. Nominations took place for the 2016 Grand Lodge Convention and elections for the delegate and alternate will be at the May 10 meeting. Please refer to Article II of the IAM Constitution for further information. Seven bylaw proposals were also turned in during the business meeting. They will be voted on per Article VIII of the Newark Bylaws.

We look forward to seeing you at next months business meeting, May 10, at Embassy Suites.

In solidarity,

LL2339N, Executive Board

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