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ExpressJet Loss Of UA Discount Tickets

As of today, United Discount Tickets are not accessible to ExpressJet employees. At no point was this discussed or agreed upon by the IAM, and we are working diligently to find out what exactly is the reason for such change, and if possible, how quickly this can be rectified. We are in communication with Company management, and will have more information for you as soon as it is available.

In the meantime, if anyone had the intention of purchasing a United Discount Ticket to commute to work, please have the proper documentation available to support the Conscientious Reporting (aka commuter clause) requirements. If you have any questions about the required documentation, please contact your local grievance representatives. All contact information can be found on the IAM XJT Flight Attendants app in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

In Solidarity,


Melissa Brennan Marche' Johnson-Cooper


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