Our local lodge business meeting was held Tuesday, March 8th, at the Embassy Suites.

We had a visitor from the National Protection Group, Iris Stallard, to speak to the membership about the various plans offered through NGP. If you would like additional information about NGP and their plans, there are brochures available at the union table.

Edison Fraser, GLR, spoke to the membership about the potential NJT strike and that we need to stand with our IAM brothers and sisters if they do.

Sara Gonzales, GC, informed the membership that we are heading back to negotiations on 4/25, there will be a Rally for Rest on D.C. on 3/16, and that over 40 Step 2 grievances have been heard since January.

Melissa Brennan, Special Rep, discussed the Delta Campaign and that the next Step 2 hearing will be on 3/23.

Carli Meneses gave the Executive Board report which reviewed the DL 142 endorsement election which was held on 3/4 and the upcoming DL142 election which will be held on 6/10. The local lodge audit for the second half of 2015 was performed and the report will be given at April's meeting.

The grievance committee was happy to announce that a resolution has been agreed on for the 1/7 Winter Storm Jonas violations and management will be reaching out to the affected fa's this week. A total of 9 grievances have been sent to Step 2.

Manny Rivero spoke on the upcoming AIDS Walk NY event on 5/15. Our fundraising goal is set for $3000, so make sure to sign up for our team; IAM Flight Attendants #4960.

We look forward to seeing you at next months meeting, 4/12, at the Embassy Suites.

In solidarity,

LL2339N Executive Board