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ExpressJet Negotiations Update

As we all know, the IAM recently petitioned the NMB to issue a “Proffer of Arbitration” for the Flight Attendants of ExpressJet. Our one and only goal is to attain a fair agreement for our members. This will never happen unless we are at the negotiations table. Under the mediation process outlined in the RLA, which we entered into when the Company filed for mediation in September 2014, our only options at this point are reach an agreement (which is impossible if we aren’t even at the table) or have the NMB issue a “Proffer of Arbitration”. There are no other avenues.

Many people have voiced the opinion that we should agree to contract extensions like the pilots instead of moving forward with a JCBA. Keep in mind that the Company has never offered extensions and we cannot negotiate anything including extensions unless we are actually at the table with the Company.

We remain hopeful that constructive dialogue with the Company can happen sooner rather than later. While we continue to wait for the processes of the NMB to occur, we must prepare for any eventuality. Don’t listen to rumors…do listen to your IAM communications.

It is imperative that we remain united and committed to our objective of reaching another industry-leading contract. United we bargain, divided we beg.

In Solidarity,

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