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President's Message

Brothers & Sisters,

Whether you were on a trip or home with family or friends I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween weekend. Now, as we head toward the holiday season, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you for all our Local Lodge has been able to accomplish in the past year. We have been able to put our Local Lodge on the map as one to watch and look up to. We have been able to make our presence felt at Pride at Work, the NJ State AFL-CIO and even on Capitol Hill. Where I am proud to say our Local Lodge will take the lead on issues like Flight Attendant Fatigue and fight to make sure our rest is taken just as seriously as the pilots. We will continue to fight to build on our OSHA restrictions and do everything in our power to make sure you are able to come to work in a safe environment.

It's been a rocky road in the past few years, helping each other navigate through not only our own merger but the CAL/UAL merger as well. But whether we are battling contract violations, base closures, facing short staffing issues or payroll issues, the strength and tenacity of our members never ceases to amaze me. Although we may not work side by side on our planes, I see our members supporting each other and looking out for one another every single day and for that I thank you.

I look forward to seeing everyone on November 10th and December 8th at the EWR Embassy Suites for our monthly meetings, so we can close out 2015 with a bang!

In unity,

Carli Meneses

Local Lodge 2339N President

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