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Grievance—Conscientious Reporting

Brothers & Sisters,

We have filed an Et Al grievance regarding the Company refusing to honor our Conscientious Reporting provision in our CBA. The Company states that it is unreasonable when screen shots of PBTs are provided too far in advance. This is not supported by our contract or past practice. Our CBA language is as follows:

A flight attendant living in a location other than her/his assigned domicile who commutes via air is required to ensure that she/he has at least 1 primary and 1 back-up ExpressJet or Continental flight, both of which have seat availability (the jumpseat will not satisfy this requirement) and are scheduled to arrive at least 1 hour prior to the flight attendant's scheduled report time.

Keep in mind nowhere in the provision are we required to provide a date on the PBTs. If you have experienced this issue please contact a grievance representative immediately.

In unity,

Carli Meneses & Manny Rivero

Grievance Representatives

Local Lodge 2339N

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