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IAM Transportation Conference 2015


On August 25-28, 2015 Carli Meneses and Lorry Maletsky attended the Transportation Conference in Hollywood, FL. The theme of this conference was "Our Time", and how it is now, today, that we as members need to get up and get more involved within our local and our organization to make a strong future for us and our families.

The airline industry has become, as we all know and have been told, a race to the bottom.

As CEO's, their focus is to make more money by asking workers to take concessions and outsourcing good jobs. Baggage fees alone have made over $1 billion in sales last year and yet the Airlines say they cannot afford to pay employees decent wages. Since 2011, the IAM has added 23k new members, and through organizing and representational elections, have saved 25k members.

We all know that next year is a Presidential Election year and we, members and activists in the labor movement, need to make sure we are not only registered, but also need to make sure we get out and vote when the time comes. We need to hold all elected officials accountable when they say they will support the labor workers.

In solidarity,

Carli Meneses

President, LL2339n

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