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Conscientious Reporting

Summer is definitely causing havoc for those of us who commute into work. Many of the flights are full or weight restricted and not to mention the summer storms that have been causing delays and cancellations. Please remember the policy regarding Conscientious Reporting. Conscientious Reporting Section 3.W This provision establishes standards for managing flight attendants attendance when certain unavoidable circumstances preclude a flight attendant from reporting as scheduled. While all flight attendants are required to conduct themselves with reasonableness, prudence, and good judgement, the obligation and responsibility to report for work as scheduled remains that of each flight attendant. In order to utilize the commuter clause properly, you must do the following: • List for 2 flights with seats available that are scheduled to get you in 1 hour prior to your scheduled show time and print them out at your time of listing. • You must also have both boarding passes from the airport kiosk. If you do not make it on your first flight, call scheduling and let them know. If you do not make your second flight (your back up flight), again call scheduling and let them know as well as telling them that you are using conscientious reporting. The next time you return to your domicile, you will need to hand in copies of both the flight loads and your boarding passes. You are not pay protected when using conscientious reporting. If you commute into EWR using mass transportation such as NJ Transit and there is a delay make sure you obtain documentation as to the cause of the delay. You should know that having documentation does not necessarily mean that your late occurrence will be removed. Fly safe!

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