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Jumpseat Reminder

We continue to seek new ways to fight back against the current one-sided policy that United has implemented and we still need your help to show what a huge issue this is and how it is not only negatively impacting your daily lives, but also the operation. Your local representatives should all have the new form available that you can bring with you to fill out when you miss a commute due to our lack of access to the United jumpseat. Also, if you know of specific instances in the past, where you were not able to get on a flight, you can fill the form out retroactively as well. You should include any and all supporting documentation (such as receipts for paid tickets, etc.). Please don't forget to fill out the comments section if you had to purchase a ticket, use your commuter clause or if a flight you were supposed to operate had a delay or cancellation as a result of being denied the United jumpseat. Please keep the forms on hand and follow the submission instructions on the bottom. Thank you for helping us fight for jumpseat equality. We will update you on our progress on this issue soon. If you have any questions please email


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