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With New A-card Design And Verification Procedures, IAM Delta to Ramp Up A-card Collection


General Vice President Sito Pantoja sent out this letter regarding the IAM Delta campaign.

Dear Delta Flight Attendant,

Some time has passed since the National Mediation Board (NMB) dismissed the application for a Delta Flight Attendant representation election. In that time many things have occurred. IAM leaders have met with Delta Flight Attendant campaign leaders in small groups at bases around the country, held conference calls with Flight Attendant leaders from all bases and have fielded emails and phone calls from dedicated and concerned Flight Attendants from around the system. Out of those meetings, conversations and emails two things have become very clear: First, Delta Flight Attendants are showing their determined commitment to continuing their campaign to get to an election and win a voice at Delta through representation and, second, the IAM is unwavering in its support of Delta Flight Attendants in achieving that goal. To all the Delta Flight Attendant activists and supporters who worked so hard and continue to demonstrate your commitment to success, we humbly say “Thank You”!

Utilizing good Delta Flight Attendant input, the IAM has acted to devise a plan of action with a new design of election authorization cards that will provide the security of a validation process built into the cards. These new authorization cards (A-cards) will have a detachable stub and will have serial numbers that will be unique to each person who submits one. There will be a self-validating step for Flight Attendants to exercise at the time they submit a new card, and the IAM will perform validation measures as well. Additionally, an option will be available for Flight Attendants who wish to provide evidence of identification (like a driver’s license or other document with a signature) when they self-validate.

We are confident this new A-card design will go a long way in demonstrating to the NMB that the cards submitted are those of eligible Flight Attendants calling for a representation election. Along with this solution, the IAM will take other measures and hold discussions with decision makers, like the NMB, to pave the path for acceptance and validation of the A-cards we will turn in that again calls for the election

Delta Flight Attendants so rightly deserve.

Delta Flight Attendant activists are preparing to launch this new A-card collection very soon. Ideas have been discussed and plans of action are being finalized. Delta Flight Attendant activists are more committed and determined to prove to everyone their unwavering goal of attaining and winning an election. The IAM stands with Delta Flight Attendants in their commitment and is in awe of your determination.

Watch for the new A-cards. Sign, date, return and self-validate yours as soon as possible. Together we will make history and truly make this delay a mere bump in the road towards a better Delta for Flight Attendants.

In solidarity,


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