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Known Crew Member Program Changes

We are pleased to announce that effective January 13, 2015, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)’s Known Crewmember (KCM) requirements will change for flight crew members: Flight Attendants who participate in KCM will no longer be required to wear uniforms.

Originally, a joint effort between ALPA and TSA, KCM was implemented as a test program, which in the beginning only included pilots, at just a handful of airports. Later, after tremendous work from the IAM and Coalition of Flight Attendant Unions, Flight Attendants were rightfully allowed into the KCM program as well.

The IAM applauds this move by TSA to further a risk-based approach to security and looks forward to continuing to expand the KCM program to more airports and allow TSA agents to focus on true security threats, instead of on safety professionals who are partners in providing safety and security in aviation.

Flight Attendants must continue to adhere to all other KCM guidelines to protect our status in the program, as well as the recognition it confers to Flight Attendants as safety and security professionals.

Please exercise patience with your cooperation as TSA staff become familiar with this KCM policy change. If you confront any challenges with regard to this policy change, please contact your Local Safety Reps.

The elimination of the uniform requirement presents an opportunity to encourage more airlines to participate in KCM, and to advance a more risk-based approach to security. Nearly 60 airports are currently equipped with KCM screening checkpoints and more are expected to be added in 2015. A list of these airports and the designated checkpoints can be found at It is up to each individual carrier to commit to participating in the program, as the airline must create a database for the Flight Attendants.

Known Crewmember uses established security clearances related to our employment as certified safety and security professionals — the last line of defense in aviation security onboard the aircraft. KCM grants flight crewmembers access to an alternate, expedited security screening. KCM was first available to Pilots in 2011 and Flight Attendant inclusion in the program in 2012.

Flight Attendants are boarding planes before they start their work day, either to commute to their destination to take off or while dead-heading. Non-uniformed trained personnel on aircraft enhances the safety and security for passengers and crew. KCM recognizes the training and certification of aviation’s first responders.

Protect KCM – Compliance with the TSA Prohibited Items List
  • The government-approved Known Crewmember (KCM) program allows Flight Attendants and Pilots at many airlines to enjoy the convenience of expedited security screening. To protect your ability to participate in the Known Crewmember program, you must abide by the following rules:

  • Crewmembers may not transit the KCM portal with any TSA prohibited items.

  • Carriage of another individual’s property through the KCM portal to circumvent screening is prohibited.

  • All crew members transiting a KCM portal are subject to random screening.

Expedited screening is an earned privilege ─ not a right. Any breaches of the KCM requirements could jeopardize your standing in the program.

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