ExpressJet ERJ DFW Meeting

We met with the Company today and clarified a few issues that were obvious concerns for potentially DFW based flight attendants and/or displaced flight attendants.

First of all, we have spoken with the Company and both American, as well as United will be accepted means of travel for the purposes of utilizing Conscientious Reporting also known as “commuter clause”. If you have questions about what documentation is necessary to utilize the commuter clause, please contact your local grievance representatives.

Also, we addressed the issue of positive space for displaced flight attendants as outlined in Section 12.E.5. Unfortunately, it is the Company’s stance that they are unable to provide this positive space and are choosing to violate our legally binding CBA. The Company will not be providing any positive space to displaced flight attendants at this time. We have an outstanding grievance on the violation that we are aggressively pursuing and have at the top of the list to go to arbitration. As soon as we have a scheduled date for arbitration we will send out an update.

There will be many more questions that come up throughout this base closure and displacement process and we plan to be there every step of the way to ensure your rights are being protected and your questions get answered.

In Solidarity,

Sara Gonzales

General Chairperson