ERJ Contract Quick Reference Guide 



Days Off 

-Lineholders’ and relief lineholders’ schedules will be constructed with a minimum of 12 days 

off. Reserves’ schedules will be constructed with 10 days off in 30-day bid months; 11 days off 

in 31-day bid months. 

-Lineholders will be free from all duty in her/his domicile for not less than one-24 hour period 

at least one time in 7 days; Reserves will be free from all duty in her/his domicile for not less 

than one day at least one time in 7 days. 

-A Flight Attendant may waive this provision provided FAR’s are met. 

Hours of Service 

-Duty-in time 

 One hour prior to departure in domicile, 45 minutes prior to departure at an outstation, 

and 30 minutes on board the aircraft prior to departure for all flights. 


30 minutes prior to departure for all deadheading assignments. 

Flight Attendants must call Crew Scheduling from the gate to check-in if 

your DHD is the first leg of your pairing. 

-Duty-out time 

 A duty period ends at the end of any non-flying duty, 15 minutes after block-in of a 

domestic flight, 30 minutes after an international flight, or the actual release from duty, 

whichever is later. 

Duty Limitations 

-A duty period will not be scheduled more than 13.5 hours. 

-Actual duty may be extended to 15.5 hours because of weather delays, mechanical delays or 

irregularities. A flight attendant may volunteer to start a leg when it is known that she/he will 

remain on duty in excess of 15.5 hours. 

Rest Periods


-Minimum scheduled rest periods will be: 

1. Eleven hours from termination of debrief to the next duty period at a flight attendant’s 

domicile (New York, Cleveland or Houston). Minimum rest at all other domiciles is 10 hours 

from termination of debrief to the next duty period. With the flight attendant’s approval, the 11 

hours rest may be reduced and the Company will provide a hotel room at or near the airport. 

2. Nine hours block in to block out at a layover station. 

-Minimum actual rest, with the exception of stand-up overnights, may not be less than: 

1. Ten hours block in to block out at her/his domicile. 

2. Eight hours and forty-five minutes block in to block out at a layover station. 

-The Company will not interrupt a flight attendant’s minimum rest, starting at the conclusion of 

the duty period, except in emergency circumstances. (Emergency: notification of operational 

changes to FA’s schedule, urgent personal situations such as a family death, etc.). This is not 

intended to extend minimum rest. 

Personal Drops 

-A flight attendant may personal drop a trip or a portion of a trip, subject to operational 


1. Requests will only be accepted the day before report time of the trip or for a 

partial trip drop, no later than 3.5 hours prior to the departure time for the 

segment the flight attendant desires to drop. 

2.Personal drop requests will be granted on a first come, first served basis. 


-Drafting is the mandatory assignment of open time to a flight attendant who is on a day off or 

completing her/his last scheduled segment of a trip before going off duty. Trips may be 

assigned in reverse order of seniority to line holders by drafting them when no reserve flight 

attendants are available and eligible for the assignments. Drafting is accomplished in the 

following order: 

1. Time permitting, the Company may assign the trip in seniority order to any flight 

attendant who is legal and willing to work the trip assignment; 

2. Time permitting, in reverse order of seniority, any flight attendant who can be contacted 

and who will not have her/his next regularly scheduled trip assignment interrupted by 

such drafting; 

3. Time permitting, in reverse order of seniority, any flight attendant who can be contacted 

without regard to her/his scheduled trip assignments; 

4. If unable to cover the trip assignment by the application above, the Company may draft 

any flight attendant to the trip in reverse order of seniority who will cause the least 

delay of the trip. 

-A flight attendant who has been drafted shall be replaced with a reserve flight attendant at the 

first point where operational requirements permit, and the Company has a qualified reserve 

flight attendant who is available and eligible to fly. 

-A lineholder who is drafted will be paid 150% of her/his hourly rate for the greater of the 

scheduled or the actual flight time, paid above the monthly guarantee. 

Waiving of Limitations 

-A flight attendant may waive any limitations with the exception of the following: 

1. Except as provided in this Section, the flight attendant must have a minimum of 8 days 

free from duty at her/his domicile within each bid period. 

2. A lineholder must have 24 hours free from duty in any 7 consecutive days as provided in 

this Section. 

3. A flight attendant must retain minimum rest periods as provided in this Section. 

4. A flight attendant may not schedule herself/himself in excess of maximum scheduled on-

duty limitations except as provided in this Section. In case of irregular operations, a 

flight attendant may elect to waive the maximum scheduled on duty limitations to return 

to her/his domicile on the last segment of a trip